A safe Holiday in Alba Adriatica

Your Holidays 2020 Between Safety and Relaxation

At the Hotel Sporting sun, sea ... and serenity!

The top priority for the Hotel Sporting team is health, safety and protection of our guests, our employees and our suppliers.
All our apartments and hotel rooms are carefully cleaned with special disinfectant products as required by the WHO health Organization. Our rooms are cleaned conscientiously several times a day according to strict requirements and special procedures.
Nothing is left to chance: disinfection of handles, switches, ventilation filters, buttons and remote controls.

In common areas, such as the restaurant or reception, even more attention is paid:

  • all air conditioning systems are disinfected with a special solution
  • dispensers with disinfectant gel for hands are placed
  • control of entrances to avoid contacts and to keep distance to other people
  • in the dining and breakfast room, the tables are set up at a distance of 2 meters (occupied one after the other if necessary)
  • the buffet remains clearly visible (protected by glass panes) with our hot and cold side dishes served directly by the waiters at the tables
  • our employees are trained in special courses to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

We ask our friendly guests to bring their own masks and gloves and to use them in accordance with the prescribed rules.

Swimming Pool, Beach and animation for the smallest

We take nothing for granted

The beach is perfectly organized with distances of 4 meters between the umbrellas. We guarantee enough space on the beach to ensure easy passage and distance between bathers and pedestrians. The swimming pool will be used in the same way, allowing access in succession to avoid any kind of risk. We also work on the organization of the animation: more than one evening show and baby dance with hula hoop and play groups for children accompanied by their parents. We distance the little ones by entertaining them!

We want to enable our guests to enjoy a relaxing holiday in Alba Adriatica in compliance with the prescribed rules.

The safety of our customers and their wellbeing is our top priority.
Our goal this summer is to GUARANTEE OUR GUESTS A BEAUTIFUL AND RELAXING HOLIDAY by working with our utmost commitment on these points:

  • ensure that our guests feel safe and comfortable
  • guarantee social distancing as required by the current decree
  • guarantee the periodic cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common places
  • minimize the risks between customers and staff

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